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Watercolor Spirit Card Series (all 7!)


They’re finally ready!! I’ve been making an original watercolor series and I’ve added the paintings to notecards with original sayings to go along with them. Each saying was divined to go along with the painting.

This item is a bundle of all 7:

These include
1. Bright Moon
Under this bright moon
Darkness is magic,
Darkness is light

2. Magic
Your magic is within
Ever evolving, ever beautiful

3. Love
Love is not transactional
Freely given
Gratefully received

4. Vastness
In this vastness
I choose you.

5. Rose
Rose Speak:
Bud, Open, Brave and Vulnerable
Why not from the thorn
Recover, Repeat

6. Burn
Burn radiantly
With reverence,
Be your dazzling self

7. Flame
The Burning Flame
I will hold it with you.