Welcome and blessings to you!


Welcome! My name is Anita Moore.  Resilience Apothecary, Art & Tarot is a working symbol and practice in my own recovery process.  Through connecting to the wild magic within me and many years of therapy for C-PTSD, anxiety and depression, I began creating products and providing services to help others others interested in following a path to magical, spiritual and emotional liberation from trauma.  I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment and violence.  This work helps me to survive, to be able to embrace the silliness and humor in this life and to bring about transformation in others who seek magic, humor and art for their healing tools.

As a maker, I'm constantly learning about and coming up with new art (seriously, I will explode if I don't), tools and practices for my own resilience and I hope these creations and tools serve you in a way that is best for your healing. Or at least just for a good giggle. 😉  Don't hide your light under a bushel, as they say.  Shine unapologetically my dearies.

Anita, woman in body paint with horns