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Florida Water, New Moon And Full Moon Travel Size

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Unwanted negative energies? Finding it hard to fend off other people’s energetic junk? Need help with setting boundaries and keeping them? New witches, tune in!
Florida Water: the ritual altar staple you may not have known you needed. (TRAVEL SIZE!)

Resilience Apothecary’s Florida Water is your hand-crafted spirit cleansing protection tool. “With its sweet floral scent and lemon overtones, Florida Water—named after the Fountain of Youth—is commonly used for ritual offerings and purification. Some replace Holy water with Florida Water. The sacred cologne contains numerous spiritual benefits and has become a staple in Voodoo, Hoodoo, Wiccan, and Santeria practices.”

My recipe is citrusy, spicy, floral, herbaceous and fresh in keeping with the original, but I've added some twists including rose, lavender, lemongrass, neroli and rosemary to add even more magical, protective enhancement and olfactory pleasantries.

This Florida Water is a perfumed spirit and aid; I invite you to create your own rituals with it! There are 2 versions, infused with Full Moon and New Moon charged waters, to manifest new aims, solidify your sovereignty with boundary magic, also to perfume your body, freshen your linens or symbolically cleanse the energy in any of your crystals, special journaling or reading spaces. Indicate which you'd like or choose the duo!

The travel size fits in your pocket for those hectic days at work when you can’t wait to get home, you can stop and smell the roses (literally) in your car or on the bus ride home.
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