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Custom, Hand Crafted Perfume Oils and Spray Blends - Fragrance Alchemy at your service

$24.24 - $88.88

Every person has a story. Smells capture the deepest of our memories and associations. I create custom scent spells which capture your desired essence. Simply identify areas, memories or feelings which speak to you (see the fragrance wheel for reference), whether soft, bright and floral essence, deep, magnetic wood essence, resinous and grounded essence... you choose your intention and how you want to experience yourself and how you want to be experienced by others. Sculpted fragrances can be the door and key to our inner magic; perfumes engage our pheromones and take on lives of their own, allowing our body's story to bloom. Give your body something which with to converse, give your heat something to stir, give your heart something to enjoy.

See the fragrance note chart to identify some of the fragrances which speak to you. Identify the ones you love and I will craft a personal blend for you, whether you prefer a perfume oil or bees' wax solid perfume which stays close to the body, for a more personal experience. Or you may also choose a perfume spray which creates an aura of scent around you.

I use organic jojoba, organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic rose hip oil and local bee's wax from Saxapahaw, NC. In my perfume sprays (eau de toilette and eau de parfum), I use only certified organic 200% perfumers grain alcohol from Maine and unrefined organic vitamin E in my perfume sprays.

Each perfume spray is 15mL
Each perfume oil is 10mL

1 = $24.24
3 = $42.42
5 = $ 88.88